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Climate change is one of the most significant issue facing the world today. We need to take effective action today to slow the trend towards global warming.

Although many of us recognize the need to work on climate change issues, often we lack the resources and focus to move from thought to action. Working at a community level, we can bring together people, resources and ideas to foster positive results.

ecoCommunities is a province-wide project that will help small and medium-sized Ontario communities take action on climate change by assisting them to identify, develop, implement and evaluate projects that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These plans will help the communities to:

  • Engage in specific projects that involve the whole community
  • Improve the natural environment
  • Strengthen the local economy
  • Build community capacity to deal with the social, environmental, and economic issues related to climate change

Modelled on ecoPerth’s success over the last five years, ecoCommunities, will support community actions that make use of the existing resources of communities and create lasting social, economic and environmenal benefits.

Feb 23, 2018
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