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What Can Participating Groups Expect?

Participating Groups Will Be Expected To:

  • form a team to lead the project over the next 12-24 months years
  • organize a preliminary community workshop (to identify projects and resources)
  • commit to implementing at least one activity over the next year, and another one or two projects before November, 2005
  • provide staff or mobilize volunteers to deliver projects
  • form a link with local government (formal or informal)
  • complete a simple report on their project to assist us to evaluate progress
  • share their results with other communities; all communities engaged in the project will complete a simple report which will be compiled with other ecoCommunities’ reports.

Participating Groups/Communities Will Get:

  • a full-day community workshop to provide background information on climate change and the need for action, and to help their community decide what projects they would like to undertake (led by ecoPerth staff, supported by OHCC Community Animators)
  • a resource kit containing:
    • a step-by-step guide to implementing each of 15 climate change Actions
    • sample graphics and camera-ready art to promote each of 15 climate change Actions (and assistance to customize these to fit their situation)
    • sample press releases
    • “lessons learned” and other implementation tips
  • help from OHCC to mobilize volunteers, involve local government, get media coverage and raise funds
  • advice from ecoPerth on technical aspects of project implementation and customization of project promotional materials
  • we will share the results and learnings from the project through conferences, articles, websites (OHCC and ecoPerth) and the networks of other provincial organizations and associations

Dec 14, 2017
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