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The Ecocommunities modules are listed below, along with a short description of their content and the date the module was posted. If you wish to download any of these modules, either for the first time or to update a version that you already have, please first fill in the user registry information below, then click the 'register' button.
The names, phone numbers, and email addresses collected will be used solely for the purposes of the Ecocommunities project. They will not be distributed to any other organization.
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Once you have registered, links will appear that allow you to download a zipped version of the module contents. If you are unable to download information from this page, please send an email to specifying the resources you are seeking.

Module Description Posted
General Files The files for this module include "ecoKit User Guide.doc" and "Working with media.doc"

Working with media.doc
This file provides general advice on how to get the most coverage and support from local media for whatever projects you choose to implement. It includes a press release template.

ecoKit User Guide
This is an 8 page word document that gives an overview of all of the resources included in the ecoCommunities Resource Kit, explains how to use the kit, what support services are available to participating ecoCommunities, and contact information. In effect, it is the introduction to the entire kit

Power Point Presentations
This is a PowerPoint file of a generic version of the presentation given at the initial ecoCommunities workshop. There is a second powerpoint presentation entitled "ecoProjects.ppt" which gives an overview of the 17 ecoCommunities modules. However, as it is over 11 MB, it is not included for download, although it is included with the CD ROMs provided to all ecoCommunities groups.
Dec 20, 2004
Bright Idea A fund-raising project that involves gift wrapped and labelled compact fluorescent light bulbs, complete with the dollar and GHG savings. People purchased them to be used as stocking-stuffersDec 20, 2004
Community GG Profile This will provide a simple methodology of identifying the gross greenhouse gas emissions for a small community and translating the data into dollars flowing out of the community. A useful tool for promoting local economyDec 20, 2004
Connecting with Others This module gives an overview of the other organizations that a groups or municipality could get involved with if it, after getting a few ecoCommunities actions under its belt, it wanted to proceed in a more comprehensive and structured fashion to tackle climate change and related issues.Dec 20, 2004
Ecoride An interactive website for people offering or seeking a ride. This includes regular commutes as well as one-time rides. Users can specify details of the ride and compatibility preferences Dec 20, 2004
Energy Efficient Tree Identifying and maintaining the existing municipal tree inventory is an important step in a planting-for-energy-efficiency program. Suitable locations can be identified and trees provided for summer shade and winter wind-breaksDec 20, 2004
First Class across Canada In this program, two grade 4 classes from different schools compete with each other to earn enough kilometres to be the first class across Canada. They earn points by listening to a short presentation once a month by ecoPerth staff or other trained person, taking a simple checklist with three easy actions home and filling it out with their parents. Those forms are then collected and kilometres awarded based on the number of actions taken. Each month, the checklist lists 3 new actions, and also tracks kilometres driven by family vehiclesDec 20, 2004
Green Shift This computer model looks at a family’s driving habit and suggests greener alternatives, documenting the dollar and greenhouse gas savingsDec 20, 2004
Lawncare Alternative lawn care and regulating pesticides is becoming an important issue for many community groups and municipalities. Background information, sample by-laws, and public education information will be provided Dec 20, 2004
Local Flavour This program encourages local food production and consumption, thus bypassing the typical extensive transportation and processing requirements of conventional food distributionDec 20, 2004
Mini Actions There are many Quick Actions that can be low cost and easily implemented, but have a real impact by getting different sectors involved in climate change activities. These can include Christmas light timers, LED lights, tire-pressure clinics, and reel mower loaners. These mini-actions will be added to from the experience in other communitiesDec 20, 2004
No Idle No-idling programs can start small and build up. Posting signs, such as at schools and railway crossings is a first step of an education programDec 20, 2004
One Tonne Kit This module suggests innovative ways to put a local community spin on the Federal Government's One Tonne Challenge initiative.
Dec 20, 2004
Personal Action Pledge A handy two part form that residents fill out which both encourages them to take actions, and generates a great database to help guide further actions your group might take.Dec 20, 2004
Relamping Project This is a door-to-door program to distribute compact fluorescent light bulbs to residents and facilitate relamping whole houses. Includes a spreadsheet that compares lighting strategies and provides comparisons of capital, operating, maintenance and total lifetime cost. Targets residences and selected institutional propertiesDec 20, 2004
Solar Domestic Hot Water Provides information about solar domestic hot water systems, how to complete a solar map of the community, plans for holding a public meeting for those interested in solar hot water, assistance with developing partnership with local retailers to receive/warehouse the units and promotion of the unitsDec 20, 2004
Spring Tree Sale As a means of creating energy efficiencies, communities are encouraged to plant trees. The project materials include information about the types of trees to purchase, suppliers, logistics and promotional materials. This is one of the most popular ecoPerth events, involving dozens of volunteers and hundreds of homeowners every year. They have distributed over 26,000 trees and shrubs to dateDec 20, 2004
Water Conservation A promotion and education campaign for water conservation that can be done in conjunction with the municipality. May include flyers, water-bill inserts, door-hangers, and point-of-purchase promotion informationDec 20, 2004

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